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Have you ever been somewhere and it caused you to feel like you were in the most incredible place on earth? Where you were surrounded by exquisite touches of elegance and scrumptious comfort that made you feel like true royalty?

This is what sets Camilla Cavan Design apart from other design firms - both nationally and internationally. From the finest floor coverings to hand-picked rare stone finishes, we scour the world to find one of a kind unique and original treasures such as architectural pieces to incorporate in the project to the most luxurious fine linens creating a trademark bed.

We have worked alongside architects and builders allowing us to develop a keen sense of structure and design bringing acclaim and reviews quoting “pure brillance” from the top industry leaders. With the firm's innovative creativity, profound gift of detail and follow through, we have achieved fame and success among the elite. Headed by Camilla Cavan, we put our personal touch on each project creating a sought-after trademark of elegance mixed with comfort. Combining the old and the created brings these elements forward to savor in the present.




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